6 Months in! What an adventure...

Well considering I was planning on publishing a blog once a month I can't actually believe I'm writing this now and 6 months have passed since I opened my little online yarn store!

It has been the most exciting 6 months and I have learned so much. The business is now growing at a steady rate which means I'm now stocking a wider range of suppliers and yarns and am now in a place where I can judge what beautiful things are going to be bestsellers - it's all a balancing act of course, I want to stock everything I love to use (my general philosophy for how I carefully choose my stock) but space is at a premium with me not having a physical shop and I want to make sure that I am stocking something for everyone - although I love 100% natural fibre yarns not everyone is looking for that or indeed can have it - some people want a highly quality robust acryllic and it's so important to me that Hook & Purl can cater to their needs as well.

A typical day in the life of Hook & Purl starts with me checking on any orders placed overnight when I wake up - then it's a quick plan for what needs to be done that day - are there local orders to be delivered in person, are there orders that require Tracked delivery so need to go from a different Royal Mail office and how many 'regular' post office orders are there? From then it's packing up the orders making sure each order receives the same care and attention I would want when receiving squishy mail and then on to winding beautiful yarns from hanks into cakes for our Hook & Purl hank winding service (which has been far more popular than I ever anticipated it would be!). Somewhere during the day I will browse Social Media, post on Insta and Facebook and check for the latest pattern and yarn releases from all my suppliers, order stock that's needed and do general admin (part of which is accounts -a whole new scary ballgame for me!)

An amazing part of running my own business has been in the people I have met and the now loyal customer base who return to me time and again. I cannot express enough the joy I feel when a 'regular' customer contacts me or places an order, many I have not met in person but I already know their yarny likes and dislikes and they feel like friends.

I have been so overwhelmed by the amazing reviews left by my customers and when I receive a 5 star review that mentions the little extras we provide like the thank you email, or the organza packaging or the same day dispatch it makes me feel so happy and proud of what we've achieved in just 6 short months.

My hopes for the rest of this year? Well now we're coming into Spring and the warmer weather I'd like to expand my range of cotton based products and patterns and continue to grow the lines we stock. The kits have been very popular and I'd love to start supplying beginners crochet and knitting kits to inspire people new to the craft to give it a go - it really has been a wonderful therapeutic lifeline for me.

All that remains to say for this little update is thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for every single person who has liked, shared, commented, followed or ordered from Hook & Purl - you are the ones who are making this little dream happen and I hope Hook & Purl continues to bring some sunshine into your life for a long time to come...


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